Mom Defends Her Son After School Loses It Over Item Found In His Pocket

The newest target of liberal mania is a little boy, and it’s all because of what he had in his pocket. One school has lost their minds, but luckily, the little boy’s mother is now speaking out. In a soon-to-be viral Facebook post that you’ll want to read, she puts these liberal educators firmly in their place over their irrational fears.

Many liberals like to pretend that they hold some sort of moral high ground over others. They seek to force their views on everyone else and demean those who have a differing opinion. This time, they set their sights on a 4-year-old child. They were so offended and so terrified by what the little boy had in his pocket that the child is now suspended from school.

Hunter, who is only four years old, has been in preschool for about one year. He found something that he thought was really pretty, and being a typical little boy, he picked it up, put in his pocket, and resolved to show all his friends and teachers at his preschool. Unfortunately, that’s where things went wrong. Schools in America aren’t exactly known for their tolerance unless a typically liberal mindset is strictly followed by the students. So, when they saw Hunter’s new treasure wasn’t “liberal approved,” he was punished.

Kristy Jackson, mother of 4-year-old Hunter

Kristy Jackson found out about her son’s suspension earlier this week, on Tuesday, when she got a call telling her to pick up her son and the offensive item. Kristy said that neither she or Hunter’s father had any idea that their son had found an empty bullet casing.

“I was met with a stone-faced who said that my son had a shotgun bullet. I was horrified thinking, ‘where could he have gotten this?’” Kristy said, recalling the moment she picked Hunter up from the preschool in Troy, Illinois.

Kristy then held up the “shotgun bullet” which was actually an empty .22 bullet casing. Yes, empty. It was nothing more than a small cylindrical shaped piece of metal. There was no bullet in the casing. 

The empty casing which got little Hunter Crowe suspended from school

Hunter cried, and according to Kristy, the four-year-old doesn’t understand why his school hates him. Citing strict toy gun policies, the school’s vice president said that the suspension was for more than the shell casing and the school was simply following its discipline policy, but he couldn’t go into further detail, citing confidentiality concerns.

Hunter’s parents also got a letter from the school’s director saying that Hunter had been suspended for seven days. The letter says that the school had repeatedly reminded his parents about Hunter using other toys as make-believe guns in violation of school policy.

So, Kristy took to Facebook as a way to defend her little boy, and her post has been shared across the country. As it turns out, the casing came from a visit with Hunter’s grandfather who is a Caseyville officer.

Liberals must find some sort of joy in tormenting little kids who only want to act like children. Hunter is only 4, and he has already learned gun safety like many children who are in homes with guns. Only a liberal would react so irrationally to a piece of metal, and that’s all it was. There is no way that the little brass casing could have done anything to anyone, but the perpetually offended don’t care anymore. They lost their minds, fearing something that is completely incapable of doing any harm.

Although liberals losing their minds isn’t exactly news anymore, it would be nice if they simply educated themselves. Guns don’t shoot themselves. Empty bullet casings are just chunks of metal. Little boys will act like little boys, no matter how much the left attempts to legislate them into beta males.

Little Hunter is 4. This isn’t a “teaching moment” for him. He doesn’t understand why an unharmful object is so bad. All Hunter knows is that some adults hate him because he’s been acting like a little boy. The victims of liberal lunacy are now our children, but kudos to Kristy for standing up for her son.

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  1. The problem here is not the little boy but a teacher and school administrator who lack COMMON SENSE. People wonder why I dislike liberals. Well, this is a prime example of why.

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