Mom Sickened By What Teacher Gave Teen, Sends Something ‘Special’ Back

When a mom discovered what her teen’s seventh grade teacher had given her child at school last week, she sent the educator something special back that the teacher was probably not expecting. The mom posted about the disconcerting circumstance on Facebook, opening up a massive debate about who was really in the wrong — the mom or the instructor.

Tara Cali sat down to help her child with his homework, when she cracked open the textbook to see that the history lesson was all about . The assignment even went as far as to be interactive with a code kids could scan with their cell phones to be treated to an actual Muslim call to prayer at a mosque. Incensed by what her child was being indoctrinated with in class, Tara sent an epic lesson back to the teacher.

Tara Cali’s profile picture on Facebook (left), Stock photo of American students trying on hijabs (right) as just another example of how Islam is forced on students

The public education system in Bakersfield evidently believes that teaching Islam, while omitting the atrocities within it, is acceptable. At the same time, they believe Christianity has no place on campus, let alone in a lesson. In the name of learning the world’s religions, the teacher had an entire segment dedicated to Islam, yet not a single assignment in the curriculum about the very religion our country was built on — Christianity.

Tara gave her son a lesson in standing up for your beliefs and your God, not bowing down to a religion liberals insist is misunderstood. Rather than making her student complete the homework, she sent the assignment back with a clear message for the teacher, along with some research they can do on the matter, listing six Bible verses.

“My son WILL not be a part of this in any sort of way,” she wrote in the workbook and uploaded a photo of it to Facebook. “This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake, If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer,” she concluded with passion and conviction in her message.

After listing several Bible verses which back up her stance on the matter, Tara asked a very valid question at the bottom of the page. “How about Christian practices? That sheet has never come home, this year or last!” she stated.

As Christianity has been scrubbed from ever facet of the public education system, from not being able to have a Bible in class to being reprimanded for praying, none of which is being pushed on non-believers, students are being force-fed Islam through lessons disguised as “history.” Yet, the 270 million killed by Muslims throughout history is neglected in the lesson. It’s nothing more than watering down the reality of  the cult-like culture that abhors Christianity, while warming kids up through their school years to accept Islam in our country.

How can the argument used for removing the Confederate flag not work for removing Islam from textbooks or lessons? If both are considered part of history and the flag was removed, then the next move to clean the curriculum needs to be Islam, since more have died in the name of that religion than under the South’s battle flag.

Teachers are inching in Islam, little by little, to deceive people. When you stand up and say your child isn’t going to learn it, you’re called a bigot. Christianity is the oldest religion in the world and goes back to the beginning of time, so if religious history needs to be taught, it needs to be that one. Yet, ironically, it’s the one that’s being silenced and removed and at every opportunity when it comes up. 

Kudos to Tara, you’re parenting your child right and others need to take note of how it’s done.

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9 Comments on "Mom Sickened By What Teacher Gave Teen, Sends Something ‘Special’ Back"

  1. Stay strong Tara and don’t back down!!!

  2. First of all, those who are not born or raised in the United States should respect our religion-beliefs, learn our language and quit trying to take over our country. When Americans travels to other countries, we have to respect their religion, beliefs etc. RESPECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! We had no choice, our government is becoming an embarrassment. They are letting too many immigrants into our borders. The borders, the laws should be more stricter and the American people need to wake up and start taking back our country. If immigrants are in the United States, then deal with what we are forced to do. We are about as happy that you are here, then you are to open your children textbooks!!!!!!!!!

  3. Proud of you mom for standing up for what is right and protecting your son. I agree totally with you declaration that Christianity needs to be taught in school. The Bible was the official reading material used in schools in the early development of education. Disgraceful that it was removed by “progressive educators.” Parents, please be vigilant and know what your children are being taught. God bless American. Thank you God for the foundations our country was built on.

  4. Trust me if I still had school age children I would have done exactly the same. Kudos to this Mom.

  5. I find this outrages and deplorable…sneaking Islam for whatever the reason, is offensive and has no place in schools. Christianity or Hebrew religions are not taught nor should Islam…Kudos to the mother!!! Also, how dare they even attempt to encourage girls to wear hijabs, that is going much too far and disrespecting America and what we stand for and it will never stand for Islam and its evil teachings!!

  6. Stick with it your comments are 100 percent correct.We are a Christian country.

  7. The United States dies not have a religion. Get over it! Yes there are many Christians, or so they claim, but there are also many Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, among others and they are all protected. Learning about other faiths is not the same as converting.

  8. Christuanity is a very new religion Islam as horrible as it is is far older dumb ass and is important throughout history so it shouldn’t be completly removed only less ion teaching it directly and this has been going on for years I had it in 6th grade that was 6 years ago and befor anyone tries to say it I in no way support goat fuckers or there religion I’m just saying it is kinda important through out history

  9. The writer of the article and “Chuck” are both wrong. Christianity is neither a “new” religion nor the “oldest”. Islam is newer, Judaism is older. Buddhism and Hinduism are both older than Christianity but younger than Judaism. Most of the Pagan religions are far older than all the others, having their beginnings when early man was trying to explain his natural surroundings. The Wiccan, to mention just one, story of creation dates back to an oral tradition at least 20,000 years old. Judaism evolved from one of those Pagan sects at least 3000 years ago.

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