Thugs Who Tried To Kill Cop Arrive At Court To Find Perfect Surprise Waiting

Martell Chisholm (left) and Demetrius Cross (right) were greeted with an unconventional surprise while attending their preliminary hearing for their participation in the shooting of a police officer.

On Saturday, a couple of armed thugs shot a police officer in the head, leaving the Atlantic City official paralyzed and fighting for his life on a ventilator. However, as soon as the scumbags arrived for their court hearing on Tuesday, they were greeted with the perfect surprise they never saw coming.

While responding to an armed robbery near Caesars Atlantic City Casino early Saturday morning, officers were met with an intense shootout. Martell Chisholm, 29, Demetrius Cross, 28, and Jerome Damon, 25, attempted to mug 3 civilians outside of the casino. When police arrived, however, the thieves instantly decided that someone was leaving in a body bag. reports that amid a hail of bullets, Officer Josh Vadell was shot in the head and Damon sustained several gunshot wounds. While Damon died on the scene, officer Vadell clung to life, making it to a local hospital in critical condition. Officer Vadell was placed on a ventilator and was reportedly at least partially paralyzed.

Miraculously, Officer Vadell’s wife announced this morning that not only was her husband taken off the ventilator because of his improvement, he was also regaining feeling and mobility in the left side of his body.

“Update on Josh… he is doing amazing!!! They took him off the ventilator this morning, he is responding with small words, able to sit supported in a chair and now having some movement on his Left side. He is improving every day and I believe it is from all of the love and support you all bring to our family. Sorry, I can not respond to you all individually, but I see you all care and I am telling Josh how much he is loved.”

As wonderful as this new is, another incredible report was made on the same day that Officer Vadell’s incredible recovery was announced. According to Blue Lives Matter, Chisholm and Cross arrived at their preliminary court hearing to find the courtroom filled with law enforcement officer dressed in their uniforms to support Officer Vadell.

Cross was forced to walk past a line of officers in uniform, too cowardly to look them in the eyes.

Likewise, Chisholm appears terrified as he is forced to stand in front of the law enforcement brothers of the officer he and his comrades shot.

The thugs were greeted by a long line of “brother officers” who packed the room to stand against brutality conducted towards police. Unlike the protesters who immediately riot over every armed criminal neutralized by law enforcement, the officers gathered peacefully, silently, and humbly to honor their fallen colleague.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that innocent officers should be supported. In fact, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Craig Strong actually defended shooter Donald Simmons when officers showed up at his courthouse to support their injured colleague.

Officer Jamarian Holloway of the Detroit Police Department was shot in the hand as he was wrestling a gun away from Simmons, who was resisting arrest. Simmons arrived in court earlier this month to find a room full of officers who showed up at the hearing since Holloway’s family was unable to attend.

“My friends and family couldn’t be here today, so I needed my brothers in blue to be here today,” Holloway explained.

It was then that Judge Strong pulled each of the officers aside, interrogated them, and told them to leave if they were going to continue to wear their uniform. Strong later admitted that he kicked the officers out because he felt that their presence was intimidating.

Strong then allowed Simmons to plead guilty to resisting arrest, causing injury, and felony firearm possession, allowing him to get away with what could be considered attempted murder of an officer.

Sadly, it’s more taboo to support police officers who risk life and limb protecting our neighborhoods and go after criminals who abuse us than it is to support a cop killer. In fact, the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn’t have an argument if it wasn’t made acceptable by the left to defend murderers and rapists while calling for the deaths of cops.

Of course, these protesters are only bringing the onslaught upon themselves, since the percentage of blacks killing other blacks far outnumbers whites killing other whites and especially police of any color killing blacks.

Photo Credit [NBC, Press of Atlantic City, Social Feed]

14 Comments on "Thugs Who Tried To Kill Cop Arrive At Court To Find Perfect Surprise Waiting"

  1. this judge should be fired —shame on him —god bless our police

  2. Shoot the sadistic killers
    I live a long way from America, but
    I can put those sadistic killers away
    For all time!

  3. Thomas Wayne Barentine | April 1, 2017 at 8:45 am | Reply

    It’s a shame to see our men in blue suffer a lost of one of their own, but on top of that a judge told them to get out if they were going to wear their uniforms. If I do something stupid and am arrested it wasn’t their fault that at that moment I done something. I have the up most respect for all that keeps us safe. May GOD be with each and everyone of you. Thank You for all you do.

  4. Wow! They deserve time but good job cops/ police! Were proud your here to help and save us from these kind of people!

  5. Bertil Nordin | April 1, 2017 at 5:41 pm | Reply

    Its not a failure of our justice system, but an incompetent judge. I fully support our law enforcement officers, risking their lives for us, every day, regardless. I salute you all.

  6. Hang these niggers.They serve no useful purpose.

  7. Hang these niggers. They serve no useful purpose on earth.

  8. That Judge is a Disgrace to the American People! He needs to be Disbarred- and Removed from his position and never allowed to serve again! Every one of those officers had a right to be there in support of their fallen officer’s! Being that the POS was not GUILTY of murder and trying to kill another officer is totally -Dishonorable! Blue Lives Matter! The idea of all the officers being intimidating should have been the point here!

  9. Mary Christian | April 1, 2017 at 7:18 pm | Reply

    I am ashamed of the Judge. He actually let these thugs get away with more than they deserved. I think the judge should get some kind of punishment for being an A*shole.

  10. Judge Strong is an idiot

  11. ernest church | April 1, 2017 at 10:31 pm | Reply

    this judge should be dibarred he is a discrace

  12. Judge Craig Strong is nothing more than another liberal SCUMBAG judge.

  13. You have to remember a judge is only a lawyer who wears a gown. I don’t trust lawyers so why would I trust a judge to make the right decision.

  14. Steve Citron | April 7, 2017 at 2:51 am | Reply

    P I G ….Pride, integrity,and guts!!

    Stand TALL my fellow officers!! You are the thin blue line between anarchy and calm!

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