Lib Mocks Man for Reading the Bible… His PERFECT Response Goes Viral

Liberals say that we should be tolerant of everyone regardless of their race, nationality or religion. This is a noble goal — or would be, if they actually believed in it. Unfortunately, as the events of the past few years attest to, the left is far from tolerant. And nowhere is the blind spot of the left more evident than when it comes to Christianity and the Bible.

We found that out again during a Twitter debate involving conservative pundit Matt Walsh, who is an outspoken Christian. During a debate over the now-infamous United Airlines overbooking situation (of all things), a liberal decided to mock Walsh for his religion.

However, Walsh managed to prove that if the best revenge is living well, the second-best revenge is an awesome Twitter comeback.

This came out of a long thread of debate, so I thought we’d start with this tweet from Walsh:

That, inexplicably, got this hateful non-sequitur about the Bible from a liberal twitterer (tweeter? Twitter user? Man, I feel like the kind of great-grandparent who still uses AOL dial-up right now):

Nice. When debating United Airlines, why not attack someone on their religion? I mean, that’s clearly relevant. It’s not like your side preaches tolerance or anything… oh, wait. That’s right. I guess practicing what you preach is only for those that read the Bible.

Walsh, however, had a perfect response:

Walsh pointed something the left doesn’t want to talk about. They don’t see how anyone can believe in Christianity but believe that anyone who doesn’t buy the dogma involving transgenderism or “gender fluidity” — a belief which is remarkably science-free, may we add — is a bigot.

Unfortunately, Walsh not only called this guy out on his assumptions in more ways than one, he showed just how shallow this liberals reasoning was.

And on top of all that, he managed to give us a laugh.

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