Mom Discovers Babysitter In Tub With Little Girl, Internet In Tears Learning Why

The last few months have been rough for 3-year-old Alidy. Without warning, her father passed away and since the two were close, it hit Alidy especially hard.

So, to help Alidy’s mother Jenna cope with stress of losing her spouse, their babysitter Keegan stepped in for extra shifts.

Alidy’s father, Cassidy passed away after a head-on collision on a Florida freeway leaving Jenna and their daughter stricken with grief.

Cassidy always called Alidy his little princess and since his passing, Alidy has dressed up in princess outfits every single day.

Jenna explained why she’s let this happen to The Huffington Post.

“Her therapist calls it coping with costumes. Every day she puts one on and whispers, ‘Look, Daddy, I’m your princess.'”

After weeks of coming over and seeing Alidy in costume, Keegan got a bright idea. She knew how to make her little friend’s heart happy.

Keegan told The Huffington Post about the item she stumbled upon in her closet.

“I had gone through a phase a couple years ago in which I bought a mermaid tail that I could swim around in my pool in.

I had it in my closet for a couple years so [Alidy] had never seen it.”

The day of her next babysitting appointment with Alidy, Keegan unhooked the mermaid tail and stuffed it in her purse.

When bathtime rolled around, Keegan snuck the mermaid tail out of her purse and put it on. Keegan told The Huffington Post that the combination of the tail and her bright pink hair shocked Alidy.

“Alidy was smiling from ear to ear. She commented on how ‘beautiful’ my tail was. I was overjoyed.

She has been having a really hard time comprehending her dad’s death, so I was so happy that she could spend 20 minutes being a worry-free little mermaid.”

For a brief moment, Alidy was able to be a carefree kid – and a mermaid on top of that! It was exactly the type of relief she needed at the time.

Learn more about Keegan and Alidy’s babysitting adventure here!

Even though nothing will bring her father back, Alidy has a wonderful support system and an incredible mermaid babysitter to make her dark days brighter.

Sources: Huffington Post, Today’s Parent / FB Image Credit: Facebook/Keegan Carter

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