Shock Video: Man Nearly Jumps Out of Skin as Snake Surprise Attacks out of Nowhere

Internet cafes are wonderful places to play computer games, assuming you can stomach an array of hypercaffeinated individuals whose personal hygiene regimen may not match yours. However, they’re not a good place to see wildlife — at least not usually.

That all changed at one random internet cafe, where a snake decided it was going to get in on the action inside the cybercafe.

The video was posted to Facebook by NTD TV. By the time stamp on the video, it happened this weekend.

The video began with a man opening the door to leave the building. As he did, a snake leaped in and apparently bit the man on his hindquarters.

Wow. That’s some Michael Jordan-style ups. Does this snake have an agent? If he could learn some ball handling skills, I could have that serpent in a Nets uniform by this summer. I mean, as long as he doesn’t mind missing the playoffs year after year.

Needless to say, the man freaked out, rolling on the floor of the cafe. Other customers freaked out in their own ways, with one stepping over chairs to avoid the snake.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the cafe was located in the Wiset Chai Chan district of Ang Thong in Thailand. That’s not quite Australia when it comes to hairy wildlife, but it’s not exactly Manhattan, either.

Thankfully for the luckless man in the video, the serpent in question was a rat snake, which isn’t poisonous. Instead, they wrap around their prey and squeeze it to death, like a python might do.

Still, the man’s been left with what’s no doubt a painful wound on a rather sensitive part of his anatomy, which no doubt makes it difficult for him to sit down and play games for long periods of time.

I guess that snake must have really wanted to play some “League of Legends.”

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