THUG Gives a White Girl A Brutal Birthday Gift!

People use the Internet to connect with their friends and as a resource to meet new people. However, one Florida woman is paying for the mistake of meeting a new roommate on Craigslist. Their relationship took a brutal turn when he gave her a birthday gift that she’ll never forget.

Danielle Jones, 23, had place an ad on Craigslist for a new roommate and was excited when Byron Mitchell, 35, seemed to be a perfect fit. After only a week of living together in her downtown Miami apartment, things took quite the drastic turn during Valentine’s Day — the night of her 23rd birthday.

Unfortunately, Danielle was assaulted by Byron during that night. He had strangled and cut up the young woman, nearly killing her. Sadly, Danielle is now in a coma. She has suffered multiple injuries on her face and neck and has received a brain injury that may prevent the young woman from ever waking up again.

“I’m still in shock, I can’t comprehend that someone can do this to someone, mutilate them in such a way and try to kill them,” Danielle’s mother, Aimee Nikolove explained, according to Daily Mail. “My daughter’s face is cut up like he was going to take her face off. She has a brain injury, no one knows what the prognosis is.”

It’s truly a sad situation. No one should ever experience a ruthless and unprovoked attack such as this. Although Byron has excused his actions as self-defense, he has since been charged with attempted murder. He is now in custody at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

“She is in a coma, intubated and holding on to life… If and she wakes, she will need extensive care and rehabilitation,” explained Kaitlin Cabot, Danielle’s cousin, according to Miami Harold. “Please help her any way you can. Even if just with prayers…”

The family has created a GoFundMe account in order to help pay for the extensive healthcare Danielle currently requires. As of this report, they have already earned $8,800 of their $50,000 goal.

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