Viral Video: Gung-Ho Narcotics Officers Stop a Drug Plane Mid-Takeoff

A dramatic video revealed just how far officers for the Brazilian Federal Police in Ribeirão Preto will go to get the job done.

The video, uploaded to social media in 2011, looked like it was a scene from an action movie as officers fired machine guns at an airplane attempting to leave the ground.

The video begins inside a vehicle barreling down a dirt road when a passenger leans out the window and begins firing. Slowly, an airplane comes into view as the vehicle quickly approached it.

When the vehicle caught up to the plane, the driver rammed the vehicle into the plane’s left wing without slowing down, causing the vehicle to make a 180-degree turn.

As soon as the vehicle stopped moving, one of the officers inside jumped out, gun in hand, and raced to the plane, which sat stopped and lopsided on the runway.

The daring operation led to five arrests after a month-long investigation. It looks like their efforts paid off.

Take a look at the amazing footage:

In a similar operation in 2013, police in Santa Vitória chased drug smugglers attempting to flee in a small airplane. Officers are seen in a video crashing into a plan’s wing to prevent it from leaving the ground. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the police seized 500 pounds of of cocaine paste in this operation.

Their hard work also paid off.

Brazil’s drug problem is a serious one that has turned into the country’s biggest security threat, according to Business Insider.

It looks like these officers are willing to go the extra mile to take down smugglers.

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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