Dad’s Worst Nightmare Is Realized When He Reads Teen’s Diary. Calls Cops, Being Hailed A Hero

Every teenager keeps a diary. Maybe it’s not a traditional notebook that is held under lock and key, but teens are secretive. In the modern age, sometimes text messages and emails are like a teen’s diary. And they try to protect what they’re sending in there at all costs – and if mom or dad take a look those kids have a fit.

But on Thursday March 23, one dad from Maryland discovered his daughter’s diary and against her wishes, decided to take a look. And what he saw in there was so strange and shocking that he couldn’t put the book down. He will never look at his 18-year-old daughter the same way again…

Inside the young woman’s diary was a step-by-step plan on how she was going to attack her school. The plan was extensive and even included the school’s emergency response schedule so she knew when police and firefighters would be arriving.

And worst of all, dad read the date she planned to attack her school. Dad did not hesitate. He immediately called the school.

Even though 18-year-old Nichole Cevario was an honor roll student with college prospects, she hated everyone and everything. She attended Catoctin High School in Frederick County, Maryland and wanted to blow everyone there away.

After Cevario’s father called the school, the teen was removed from class and handed over to the custody of the police.

Frederick County Public Schools wrote in a press release:

“We received word that one of our students, outside of school, possibly made threats concerning our school. We took action immediately together with our law enforcement partners to remove the student and investigate. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with FCPS, is still investigating the circumstances. Please be assured that no one at our school was harmed or directly threatened, and there were no weapons at our school.”

Because Cevario had conducted detailed interviews with the school’s resource manager, she knew exactly how the school was going to react when she brought out her guns and weapons.

Her diary held all the details. And she even planned to die during the attack, which was scheduled for April 5.

In the video conference with the police, Frederick County Police Chief Chuck Jenkins said that the teen started planning her mass murder scheme in December. And she went through all the details to ensure as many civilian deaths as possible.

“The evidence that we got from her home revealed that she was taking steps, active steps, acquiring the materials. including the purchase of a shotgun, the construction of pipe bombs and other explosives,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins applauds the father for stopping the girl and reporting her plans.

“My hat goes off to the family, my heart goes out to the family. I’ve never seen anything like this, to be honest […] For a young woman to have this in her mind to carry out an attack like Columbine and Sandy Hook, it shocks the conscious to think someone could be thinking like that.”

What do you think about this girl’s murder plot?

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