Migrant Rapes Girl At Party, Cops Horrified To Learn His Sick ‘Foreplay’

Fayed Mwangi (left), stock image to depict the results of a violent rape (right)

After being invited to a party by some friendly neighbors, a migrant did the unimaginable. Unfortunately, dragging one of the women who was attending the event into a bedroom by the hair before violently raping her was just a small portion of what he did — and even police were horrified to learn what the pervert did to get himself in the mood.

The incident took place at an apartment in Kista, near Stockholm, Sweden, after a group of four friends – 3 girls and 1 boy – decided to have a party. However, the group would make the mistake of inviting a 21-year-old migrant from Liberia, identified as Richelieu Jarara, with whom one of the girls was acquainted.

According to reports, Jarara in turn invited and brought another African migrant, a Kenyan named Fayed Mwangi. Although the night’s festivities initially went according to plan, it wasn’t long before things quickly spiraled out of control.

Apparently unable to control themselves, the two migrants decided to rape the girls at the party but knew they had to take care of the competition first. After a brief discussion, the two pepper sprayed the only other man in attendance before subjecting him to a brutal beating.

As Freie Zeiten reports, the migrants hit and kicked the Swede with such “brutal force” that it left him with “multiple cerebral hemorrhages, severe swelling, and bruises all over his body, as well as bone fractures and open wounds.” In fact, the beating was reportedly so horrendous that the three girls, and even the migrants, thought the man was dead.

This would come to light after Jarara uploaded a video to Snapchat in which he made light of having “killed a guy.” Fortunately, that wasn’t the case as the man was still alive, but he was unconscious, and medical professionals would later announce that he suffered permanent brain damaged.

After their bit of “foreplay,” things only continued in that violent fashion when a now “in the mood” Mwangi shifted his attention on the girls. When one tried to intervene, he began to beat her, slamming her into a wall and “hurling” her to the floor before ultimately “strangling” her.

After he finished with her, he then turned to another girl and continued his assault. Eventually, he would grab his newest battered victim by the hair before dragging her bloodied body into one of the apartment bedrooms. Once inside, he strangled that girl as well and threatened to hit her more if she screamed before raping the unfortunate woman.

The ordeal would finally come to an end when a neighbor came rushing into the apartment after hearing the ruckus, prompting the migrant cowards to flee – but the damage had already been done. With several people inside bloodied and beaten and a man hardly holding onto his life, the police were called.

The court sentenced Mwangi to just two-and-a-half years for his crimes, despite having raped another woman in May 2016. The government will attempt to deport him afterwards – although he will be allowed to return to the country after ten years, and judges have prevented other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, from following through on deporting criminal migrants after their sentences in the past.

Jarara, who has a string of previous convictions for crimes including theft, serious bodily injury, and resisting arrest, was given a slightly longer sentence – three years – but he will not be deported. [Source: Breitbart]

Unfortunately, these acts of barbarism come along with the massive influx of Muslim refugees that we’re seeing from the Middle East and Africa. Although the left simply wishes to brush instances like this under the rug, it will not be tolerated. Not one more woman should be molested or raped for the sake of political correctness. It’s time that the life and safety of a nation’s citizens come first and foremost to all others.

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  1. get these bastards out of our country now they dont belong hear

  2. There are no good ways to punish these cowards cut their ball and dick off feed them to the non pork eating ass holes to there parents…couldn’t hurt

  3. Simple solution: Get him on the first plane out, and “drop” him off. Why complicate things?

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